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ABOUT ME: I am a passionate creative UX – UI Producer and Website Designer in Columbia, SC. I love the creative outlets afforded me when given the opportunity to help others showcase their imagination online. Digital design is broad in its description, and there is simply no limit to the results that can be generated through creating UX – UI Elements and Website Design.

My background started in electrical engineering, but I got the bug for real estate early on. As time went by I completely phased out of engineering all together and dove into the deep side of the real estate swimming pool. With a strong technical background and learning to market in real estate… technology used for marketing became a specialty of mine. With the progress of the internet and website design, I was always way ahead of the pack.

I was one of the first to incorporate online video in my real estate marketing and was showcasing my client’s properties online waaayyy before YouTube was even a thought.

A natural progression for me was shifting into composite imagery, graphic design, and animation. Even podcast production became the next level of my expertise when honing my skills in internet marketing of real estate. Over the years those same skills have enabled me to grow my online marketing practice by helping many other businesses and organizations grow online as well. Today, I am excited about the newest integrations of Augmented and Virtual Reality. With these new creative methods of media marketing on the horizon, what will be achieved in online marketing will be considered somewhat miraculous to many.

Why Work With Me


“Ignorance is and always will be your biggest competitor!”

Is not that people are stupid, it’s just that if your prospective customers don’t know about you, how they can benefit from you, your product or service… or even know how to contact you for that matter, it’s impossible for them to do business with you, donate to you, follow you or friend you!

As a creative UX/UI website design expert, I can help you overcome that “Ignorance Factor” by designing awesome websites, graphics, logos, online videos, podcasting and animated explainer videos that get you discovered with impact, which helps you stand out over the rest of those you are competing with. I call it “Sticky Website Content,” because site visitors stick to your website, spending more time on your site because of your rich website content, which lowers your website’s bounce rates. Don’t know what Bounce Rates are, or SEO, or Website Shopping Cart Abandonment issues, or even what Return Visitors (etc) are?  Give me a call and let’s evaluate where you are and determine where you would rather be online! Then, I can help you implement online marketing plans that will work to get you closer to where you would rather be, with results closer to what you would rather experience.


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Arlee, through his Company Blurbidea, designed a website for our small law firm and we are more than happy. He not only has great technical skill but also has serious marketing knowledge and he has assisted us greatly in both areas. I would recommend him highly.

Chuck Ormond, Ormond Dunn Law Firm

Arlee has done an excellent job of taking my vision and creating a reality that has exceeded my expectations. His talent goes far beyond the norm. When you are able to have a professional that understands the real estate business and knows what it takes to be successful, the outcome is pure brilliance. Thank you for being a mentor and challenging me to be better than I ever thought I had the ability to be!

Yvonne Pinelli, Exit Midlands Realty

R. Lee “Arlee” is very knowledgeable; he keeps up with all the latest trends. He has a lot of imagination, and the quality of his work is first rate.

Richard C. Marcus, D.M.A., College of William & Mary

Arlee approached me in June of 2008 regarding the sale of family-owned beach property in North Carolina. He had a sales concept that I had never heard of….. video sales presentation! I hired him to produce the video of my families property and was ecstatic with the finished product. The sales agent I had a listing agreement with didn’t pan out and I signed on with Russ. He guided me through the detailed paperwork, explaining in common sense language exactly what I needed to know about our agreement. With his expertise and commitment to solid business practices, we collaborated on an Eastern US marketing campaign of my family property. It was a fabulous experience from to start to finish. I wouldn’t hesitate a second to hire him again to consult with me. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a Real Estate Consultant/Video Producer. His work is excellent!

When Ambient Media first launched onto the scene we called on Arlee to design our website. His knowledge and experience allowed us to move quick and meet our deadline. We were thrilled to find someone who wanted to understand our business and presented the best ideas. The final product far exceeded our expectations. If you need a creative web designer that you can trust from concept to final product look no more… Arlee is your man.

As I am learning Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop he has been an amazing and patient teacher.  I can tell you I am not the best student. He is knowledgeable and highly skilled at website designing, all Adobe products.

Arlee is an excellent website designer and marketer.

We used Arlee for all kinds of tech help at my last job for the last two years and he was amazingly helpful. He would create YouTube videos to help our staff & clients understand how to use new applications. He was always there for us!

Arlee is and always has been an outstanding resource for our business.  Intelligent, savvy and very creative. He can handle a vast array of assignments and he is available 24/7 long before 24/7 was vogue.


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“I AM NOT A DOCTOR!” But… like any good Doctor, I like to diagnose before I prescribe. If you have any questions about your current online marketing plan, or if you don’t even have an online marketing plan, please contact me. Together, we can evaluate what you currently have established with your current online marketing plan, and compare that to where you would realistically like to be, as a result of your online marketing plan. Then, we can design a plan that can get you on the right path to where you want to be… and do it with the right focus and within a budget that you can afford.

Don’t let ignorance be your toughest competitor. If the masses don’t know about you, or how you can benefit them, or even how to contact you… it’s impossible for them to do business with you, or make a donation to you. As important as it is, considering what it’s costing you to get the word out about you, your business, or your organization is extremely pertinent, but you must also consider the flip side of that coin and ask; “What is it actually costing me if I don’t?”

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I am a passionate creative UX – UI Producer and Website Designer in Columbia, SC. I love the creative outlets afforded me when […]

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